Saint Louis University

Making Progress-Recycling Rates on the Rise, While

Waste Numbers Fall

Since FY10, Facilities Services has reversed the trend of increased waste as the campus population grew. With heightened awareness and a strategic focus on reducing our environmental impact, the trajectory has changed. So, while campus population continues to rise, our waste and recycling totals will   continue to fall!

Since the introduction of single stream recycling on July 1, 2009 (FY10), Saint Louis University has risen to the challenge of becoming a better steward of the environment through increased recycling and waste reduction practices. In fact, per user rates for recycling jumped 27% and rates for waste declined by 9% in just the last year.   

With the decrease in the overall combined waste and recycling on campus, expenses have seen a drop as well. Expenses have decreased 18% since FY09. Going forward we hope to continue with our successes!

Per user in the past year:

  • 27% increase in recycling
  • 9% reduction of trash


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