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Water Tower Inn Green Retrofit

WTI Green

The Saint Louis University Water Tower Inn recently retrofitted a "Green Room" as part of a pilot program to make the hotel more energy efficient. The room is designed with an occupancy sensor that activates the lights and climate control system when a guest places their key card in the sensor. In addition new energy efficient *CFLs were installed and are in the process of being installed throughout the rest of the hotel. The CFLs are part of Ameren UE's rebate program to start replacing traditional incandescent lights with the new GU-24 style lights.

This joint effort between Parks College Electrical Engineering student Anthony Jones and Saint Louis University Facilities Services is used as a course project in a sustainable energy class. Jones decided upon a plan of action and proceeded with the help of Facility Services to purchase the necessary equipment. An energy study was done before and after the installation to determine the carbon footprint reduction and analyze return on investment.

The Water Tower Inn "Green Room" is now offered to potential guests who have an interest in making sure that their travel will lessen the environmental impact on the Earth. When the guests enter the room, they are greeted with a note of how they are helping to reduce their carbon footprint by staying in the room along with instructions on how to operate the new lights and climate control system.

The system is actually quite simple. When the guest enters the room, they place their keycard in a slot near the entrance which brings the room to a comfortable temperature and also activates the lights. When they leave, the key goes with them while the lights shut off and the temperature goes back to a more eneWTI Green Roomrgy friendly set point.

These small changes will have an immediate impact while also allowing guests to take pride in knowing they are doing their part to save the environment.

* CFLs-Compact Florescent Light Bulbs - these lights produce equal light to traditional incandescent light bulbs however they only use about one third of the power.
** GU-24 style lights introduce a new standard into the market that will phase out traditional screw-in style lights with a new 2 pin snap in style light. The old style sockets can be retrofit to fit the new style with a simple adapter.

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