Core Faculty

J.D. Bowen, Ph.D., Political Science
Political development, sustainable development, Latin America

Ellen Carnaghan, Ph.D., Political Science
Democratization, political change, communist and post-communist politics

Richard Colignon, Ph.D., Sociology
Organizational theory, research methodology

Robert Cropf, Ph.D., Political Science
Public finance, public policy analysis, urban policy analysis

James Gilsinan, Ph.D., Political Science
Criminal justice, qualitative methods, public sector organization

Hisako Matsuo, Ph.D., Sociology
Qualitative and quantitative research methods, survey methods

Dan Monti, Ph.D., Sociology
Urban community, culture, and redevelopment, education policy

Onesimo Sandoval, Ph.D., Sociology
Urban sociology, demography, racial inequality, spatial demography and statistics


Affiliated Faculty

Heather Bednarek, Ph.D., Economics
Health economics, public finance, labor economics

Diana Carlin, Ph.D., Communication
Gender and politics, civil society

Elizabeth Chiarello, Ph.D., Sociology
Medical sociology, law and society, organizations, professions

Kelly Dineen, J.D., Law
Health law and ethics

Monica Eppinger, J.D., Ph.D., Law and Anthropology
Anthropology of law, property, international law

Richard Harvey, Ph.D., Psychology
Industrial organization and social psychology, program evaluation, prejudice

Muhammad Islam, Ph.D., Economics
Econometrics, managerial economics

Ajlina Karamehic-Muratovic, Ph.D., Sociology
Medical sociology, research methods

Chryl Laird, Ph.D., Political Science
Race and politics, urban politics

Katherine MacKinnon, Ph.D., Anthropology
Anthropology, environmental issues in Latin America

Hisako Matsuo, Ph.D., Sociology
Research methodology, survey methods

Louise Meret-Hanke, Ph.D., Public Health
Health policy, health care for the elderly

Wynne Moskop, Ph.D., Political Science
American political thought, leadership

Bruce O'Neill, Ph.D., Anthropology
Urban ethnography, poverty policy

Elizabeth Pendo, J.D., Law
Health law, disability law

Hailong Qian, Ph.D., Economics
Econometrics, industrial organization

Steven Rogers, Ph.D., Political Science
American institutions, methodology

Edward Sabin, Ph.D., Psychology
Organizational change and development, organizational assessment

Fernando Serrano, Ph.D., Public Health
Environmental politics and policy, environmental movements

Terry Tomazic, Ph.D., Sociology
Research methodology

Emmanuel Uwalaka, Ph.D., Political Science
Politics of health, international development

Ann Wainscott, Ph.D., Political Science
Political development, Middle East politics, qualitative methods, religion and politics

Kenneth Warren, Ph.D., Political Science
Administrative law, American institutions

Penny Weiss, Ph.D., Women's and Gender Studies and Political Science
Feminist epistemology, political theory

Patrick Welch, Ph.D., Economics
Industrial organization

Bonnie Wilson, Ph.D., Economics
International economics, public choice

Jason Windett, Ph.D., Political Science
American state and local politics, gender and politics