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Film Studies Interdisciplinary Minor

Frames from Various Films


Film Studies is an 18-hour program leading to an  interdisciplinary minor in the College of Arts & Sciences. This new description of the program as an interdisciplinary minor in no way changes the essential direction of the program but clarifies its interdisciplinary character and emphasizes its academic rigor.  It offers students an education in cinema, which draws upon the faculty and resources of six departments: American Studies, Communication, English, Fine and Performing Arts, History, Modern Languages, and Theology.  The program is oriented primarily to history and critical analysis, but includes an opportunity to learn the basics of media production.  The interdisciplinary minor is part of a program leading to a BA degree.

Our goal in the Film Studies program is to let you begin a course of study as early as senior year of high school designed to build full media literacy. Ideally, this entails competence in both production and analysis. It also includes the opportunity to study at our sister campus in Madrid and to complete an internship in a professional production environment, such as provided at HEC, the Higher Education Television Consortium (see right), SLU's local video affiliate.



Vincent Casaregola, Ph. D., Director
334 Adorjan

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