Saint Louis University

"The film studies program here at SLU has provided me with the essentials I needed for an internship in Film Preservation. I have also gained knowledge in production, and have even directed, produced and edited my first documentary. The instructors are knowledgeable and passionate about film, which makes the minor so captivating for students of diverse interests."

Kerrie Monahan, 2014

As an alumna, I can honestly look back and say that the film studies program allowed me to learn about the inner workings of video production before entering the industry upon graduation. Now I am working in a video editing job and I thank SLU for the ways in which it prepared me for my current position and my future."

Gina Cassaro, 2012

"In Introduction to Film, one of our final essays was on screen shots and lighting. In my next film studies course, Video Design and Production, I had to fully create an entire 1-minute PSA on my own. Without Intro to Film I would have been inept at storyboarding my PSA shots and unable to use three-point lighting in the studio. Then for my film studies capstone, instead of writing a huge paper or taking a class, I got to intern at KETC where I was able to actually assist media producers."

Courtney Schlueter, Class of 2011

"I am now studying at Boston University, where I'll be taking an MFA in film. I'd like to try to complete my program as a director or a cinematographer. The goal, of course, is to work on major films or even high-budget TV ads."

Mike Callahan, Class of 2011