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The American Studies Connection

Courses cross-listed under the American Studies department have included:

FSTD 393-03 [ASTD 393-03] Over There: The Iraq War in U.S Film and Media

 This course examines the many and diverse representations of the Iraq war in Hollywood and independent films, television series, documentaries, and in news media coverage. It focuses on the experiences of Iraqis, U.S. soldiers, and their families at home, and asks larger questions about national identity and war, history and culture, and the role of gender, race, and ethnicity in war narratives. Weekly film screenings outside of class required.

FSTD 493-02  [ASTD 493-02] Hollywood Goes East: Asia and the Middle East in U.S. Film

This course uses Hollywood film - from silent film to contemporary blockbusters - as a medium to examine how U.S. culture has imagined and constructed the "East" (the "Far East" and "Middle East"). We will explore the changing representations, meanings, and functions of these world regions for the formation of U.S. national, racial, gender, and religious identities. This course introduces students to the interdisciplinary study of American culture by providing the tools to analyze film and its cultural and historical contexts.

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