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Film Studies Interdisciplinary Minor Requirements

Film Studies is an 18-hour interdisciplinary minor program, the hours of which may be broken down as follows:

  • Required Foundational Courses - 3 hours selected from:
    • CMM-1400 Film Criticism
    • ENGL-2700 Introduction to Film
  • Electives - 12 hours selected from qualifying courses such as:
    • CMM/FSTD-2510 Video Production and Design
    • CMM/FSTD-3120 Audio Visual Script Writing 
    • CMM/FSTD-4430 Culture, Technology and Communication
    • ENGL/FSTD-3180 Film Narratives
    • ENGL/FSTD-3770 Film and Literature
    • ENGL/FSTD-4090 Screenwriting
    • ENGL/FSTD-4170 American Film History
    • ENGL/FSTD-4180 American Film Genres
    • FR/FSTD-4610 French Cinema I
    • FR/FSTD-4650 French Cinema II
    • GR/FSTD-4350 German Film
    • HS/FSTD-3600 American History in Film
    • HS-3930 African Americans in Mass Media
    • IT/FSTD-3200 Italian Cinema
    • SP/FSTD-4370 Spanish American Literature and Films
  • An Internship / Capstone Course Concludes the Film Studies Program


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