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Why Study Film?


Why Study Film?


Film Studies is an 18-hour interdisciplinary minor in the College of Arts & Sciences that offers students an education in cinema that touches upon language, history, mass media, cultural studies, and performing arts. It draws faculty and courses from the following departments: American Studies; Communication; English; Fine and Performing Arts; History, Modern Languages (French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish), and Theology.


The program is directed towards students who wish to acquire a solid knowledge of film history and the analytical tools essential to creative thinking in this field. The program's interdisciplinary character helps students understand film as a uniquely modern art form with a powerful impact across the spectrum of human culture.


The interdisciplinary nature of this program is consistent with today's world as a multi-faceted, much-mediated, and multi-cultural environment. One of the main benefits of the program is that it encourages students to develop an informed view of the image industries.  Such knowledge, together with other forms of professional expertise, gives students a decisive advantage in the global marketplace.  

Career opportunities include:

  • Film Studies at the graduate level, whether film criticism or film production
  • Media Studies at the graduate level
  • Fine & Performing Arts
  • Advertising
  • Law School, for those who seek to specialize in legal issues bearing upon entertainment, media, or the internet
  • High Tech business functions, such as internet marketing and web design

For additional information about the Film Studies Certificate,
please contact: Dr. James F. Scott,; 314-977-3004; 334 Humanities Building.
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