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Minor in Film Studies

Offered by the Saint Louis University College of Arts and Sciences 

  • Film Studies Minor

Overview: SLU's film studies minor program offers an interdisciplinary education in the many aspects of cinema, as they are reflected in fine and performing arts, communication, contemporary criticism, history and foreign languages and cultures. The program is directed at students who wish to acquire a solid basic knowledge in film history and analysis. 

Curriculum: This minor's interdisciplinary character enables students to encounter film as a recent yet powerful art form, and to gauge its contribution to human cultures.

Faculty: The faculty in film studies come from a wide range of interests and expertise, providing students with a well-rounded approach to the history of the film industry and the role of film in modern society.

Internships: Film studies at SLU celebrates its connection to Walter J. Ong, S.J., Center for Language, Culture, and Media Studies. The Ong Center is an academic focal point that promotes interdisciplinary research in the Humanities at Saint Louis University.

Careers: Career opportunities for students who minor in film studies media studies include careers in fine and performing arts. You might also pursue advertising, journalism, law school, Internet marketing or web design. You might also continue studying film at the graduate level.

Visit the Film Studies page for more information.

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