People sometimes ask where Saint Louis University is located. The easy answer is St. Louis, Mo., the heart of America. The better answer is that SLU is at the center of the world.

More than 14,000 students come here from around the US and countries near and far - 101 of them, all counted. They leave prepared to make a difference locally, nationally and internationally.

They are from dozens of faiths and cultural backgrounds: Catholic and Protestant, Hindu and Jewish, Baptist and Muslim. At SLU, they are formed not only by the classes they take, but by their bonds with each other, their community, and causes across the globe.


Students who choose SLU want to learn about and transform the world. They take on challenges more complex than those faced by any generation before them and emerge with solutions that are ethical, peaceful and fueled by a passion for social justice.

They study abroad in more than 35 different countries - including Spain, where the University has maintained a campus since 1967 - trek the Himalayan mountains to provide medical care in Nepal and take spring break mission trips to the Navaho Nation and El Salvador. 

At home, they participate in the Sam and Marilyn Fox ATLAS Week - raising awareness of worldwide issues, promoting discussion and inspiring action - and supplement their degree programs with ethically-driven certificates in "Peace and Social Justice" or "Global and Local Social Justice."

At SLU, learning doesn't keep business hours. Transformative educational environments turn a traditional teaching model on its head, with students watching lectures before class and working collaboratively with their peers and professors within it.

And there are no time zones. The University's Center for Global Citizenship offers students meeting rooms with global teleconferencing capabilities and a 1,000 square-foot lounge wired for international media and television. Steps away are close to a dozen world-class centers with global reach, including the Center for International and Comparative Law, the Boeing Institute of International Business and the Doerr Center for Social Justice Education and Research.

It's not about a physical space, though, as much as a mental one. SLU students' desire to learn about the world is strong; more than 75 percent of the class of 2016 plan to attend graduate, law or medical school.

They question and challenge. They pursue truth and serve humanity. They are called to do more, and to ask more of themselves and the world around them.

At SLU, those qualities aren't the exception but the norm. Saint Louis University students are driven by a higher purpose. A greater good. 

About "Higher Purpose. Greater Good." These words embody the Jesuits' nearly 500-year history of service for the greater glory of God and represent SLU's mission to pursue truth and serve humanity. In a substantial way, the phrase "Higher Purpose. Greater Good." touches on all the things that make SLU special - outstanding academics, faith, service and history. Find out more.