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2016 Annual Compliance Update


  • Log into
  • Go to the Home Tab.
  • Click on the '2016 Annual Compliance Training' in the box labeled 'Compliance Requirements'(Note: If you have other outstanding requirements, you may need to complete them prior to gaining access to the Compliance course.)

  • Click the link in the Question Box to access the first video. (A new tab will open and the video will begin playing automatically.)

  • View the video.                                                            
  • Close the video tab at the top of your screen after viewing the video.

  • Once you've closed the video tab. The 'Requirement' tab will appear. Certify that you have watched the video by using the dropdown menu in the response box.
  • Answer the questions associated with the video you just viewed.
  • Repeat steps 4 through 8 for module 2.
  • After viewing and completing the questions for both modules, choose 'I Acknowledge.' from the dropdown menu in the response box and click Submit.

If you have problems viewing the videos, please contact IT at 977-4000.

If you have questions regarding the content of the presentation, please contact the Office of Compliance at 977-5545.

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