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Legal Services

The Office of the General Counsel "OGC" provides legal counsel, litigation management, contract drafting and review, and a wide variety of  preventative advice.  It serves as an advisor, as well as educational function, providing training to deans, chairs and managers in matters presenting potential legal risk to the University.

The Vice President and General Counsel provides counsel in decision making for the Board of Trustees, the President, vice presidents, deans, directors, faculty, supervisors, and other managers. 

Audit/Compliance Reviews
The OGC works with Departments and outside third parties during external audits, investigations, and other compliance reviews. 

The OGC reviews, drafts, negotiates and enforces legal documents such as contracts, conveyances, construction contracts, internal policies and procedures, licenses, articles and bylaws, and other miscellaneous contracts.   The OGC has also developed certain form agreements for use by University personnel.

Employment Matters
The OGC advises and assists with property matters, labor relations, personnel and EEOC matters, insurance claims, tax and business issues, and patent, trademark and copyright issues.

Student and Staff Matters
The OGC manages all litigation in which the University is a party.  In addition, the University manages all malpractice litigation.  The OGC does not provide personal legal services for Saint Louis University employees or students.

The Family Education Rights and Privacy Act relates to the confidentiality of students records.  Information about students or former students will not be released without the consent of the student other than in the exceptions stated in the Act.  FERPA affords students certain rights with respect to their education records. 

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