Saint Louis University

Areas of Practice

  Primary Contact Secondary Contact
Board of Trustees/Governance William Kauffman
Business Transactions/Contracts    
    University Louis Galli Danielle Uy
    Medical Center
 Mary Sneed
Construction Matters Danielle Uy  
Development/Planned Giving William Kauffman
Employment/Benefits Danielle Uy William Kauffman
Faculty Affairs Danielle Uy William Kauffman
Immigration Louis Galli Danielle Uy
Intellectual Property Danielle Uy William Kauffman
Legislative Affairs/External Relations William Kauffman
     Professional Liability Anne Garcia
     Other Anne Garcia William Kauffman
Medical Center    
     Academic Affiliates
Anne Garcia
     Prof. Liability/Risk Management Anne Garcia
     Regulatory/Compliance Anne Garcia
     Credentialing/Peer Review Anne Garcia  Lisa Thorton (PMO)
     Managed Care Anne Garcia
Real Estate/Real Property Danielle Uy William Kauffman
Regulatory/Compliance (University) William Kauffman Anne Garcia
Research Anne Garcia
Student Affairs    
     University Louis Galli Danielle Uy
     Medical Center
Danielle Uy
Tax William Kauffman  
University Policy William Kauffman
Miscellaneous/Questions Michelle Carter
Joan Beaty
Higher purpose. Greater good.
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