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Student Online Sexual Misconduct Awareness Training

Saint Louis University is committed to fostering a safe and supportive environment conducive to the academic pursuit and healthy personal development of all persons. We all share responsibility for fostering this environment by adhering to standards of conduct. Any form of sexual misconduct is a serious violation of these standards that will not be tolerated.

In accordance with University philosophy, mission and values, as well as Federal guidelines, training about the Saint Louis University Sexual Misconduct Policy and relevant procedures and resources is required for all students, faculty and staff.  "Haven" is an online educational module designed to inform students of issues associated with sexual harassment, sexual misconduct, and healthy/unhealthy relationships. This online module will help you understand your rights, responsibilities and available options and resources when dealing with sexual assault, including how and to whom you can report an incident.

All students are required to complete the online module and accompanying questions, which will take approximately 45 minutes.   Due to changes in the Sexual Assault Policy, students that completed the educational module last year are required to complete the updated module.  Because of the importance of this issue and the University's obligation to comply with Federal requirements, all students will be required to complete the online module.  Failure to complete the training may result in a hold being placed on your student account, however, this would only happen as a last resort.  Please take a few minutes of your time to complete the online module.  

To complete the online module, students need to:

  • Log onto
  • Go to the "Tools tab" to locate Banner-Self-Service.
  • Select the icon labeled "Haven".
  • You will then be directed to Haven's login page and can complete the module.

If you have trouble accessing the module, please contact the IT Service Desk at 314-977-4000.

Thank you for your commitment to creating a safe and supportive environment at Saint Louis University.

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