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Saint Louis University Geophysics Degree Overview

Saint Louis University's geophysics department was the first to be established in the western hemisphere. Our undergraduate degree in geophysics teaches you about the Earth's internal structure and processes through the exploration of seismic waves and variations in our planet's rotation and its magnetic and gravitational fields. You'll also examine natural phenomena such as earthquakes, floods and landslides, and learn about plate tectonics.

If you choose to major in geophysics at SLU, you may have access to the Saint Louis University Earthquake Center. The Earthquake Center is part of both a regional network that monitors the New Madrid seismic zone and a global network to monitor seismicity around the world. SLU is also home to the Global Geodynamics Project, which records the Earth's gravity field at a number of worldwide stations and maintains standards for the deployment of all superconducting gravimeters.

What You'll Learn in SLU's Geophysics Degree Program

Geophysics students at SLU gain a foundation in solid Earth science. You'll take courses in mineralogy, petrology (the study of rocks) and structural geology. Upper level geophysics courses, with an emphasis on seismology, build on this foundation and ensure that you will be well prepared for graduate school or to work as a geophysicist.

You might also have the opportunity to work with SLU's geophysics faculty on their research, gaining solid practical experience in the field.

What Can You Do With a Degree in Geophysics from SLU?

Students who graduate with a degree in geophysics from Saint Louis University are prepared to work as geoscientists in industry or for government agencies concerned with oil and natural gas exploration and production, mining, water resources, civil engineering and waste and pollution management.

You might also use your skills providing environmental impact assessments, conservation and land management or policy analysis.

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