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Calendar and Events


The Global and Local Justice Initiative helps to support the following activities:

  • University ATLAS program
  • Beyond Borders Event Series
  • SLU's Social Justice Magazine - One World
  • Creation of interdisciplinary service learning courses
  • Encouragement of student service learning projects
  • Promotion of student civic engagement projects
  • Encouragement of scholarly research and insight into links between contemporary global issues and issues in the St. Louis community
  • Development of University-wide extra-curricular events to promote social justice

The Global and Local Justice Initiative is working to pursue the following activities:
  • Student Conferences -- 27 Feb 2015 (abstracts due 9 Feb 2015)
  • Community workshops
  • Grant-seeking
  • Expanded partnerships with local organizations
  • Promote retention and support of a diverse University community

Please see the calendar for upcoming events

Dr Douglas Flowe (WashU) will speak at 3:30 1st April 2015.

If you have an event you would like to see listed in the Social Justice Calendar please email Robert Strikwerda 

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