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Submissions Open for the Sixth Annual SLU Global and Local Social Justice Student Conference

The sixth annual SLU Global and Local Social Justice Student Conference is Friday, February 19, 2016 co-sponsered by the Center for Global Citizenship. Come hear SLU undergraduate and graduate students present their academic work pertaining to global and local social justice issues! 

Abstract Submission Form

Deadline for abstracts is Friday, February 5, 2016. Will accept late until noon Tues. 9 Feb!

Submission may work best from a email address. 

This conference will include both poster and paper presentations reporting on both research and internship projects.

*This event will be free and open to viewing by the public.

IF YOU ARE HAVING PROBLEMS, check the submission form for the information required, and then send that information directly to Dr Strikwerda

Re-cap of past Global and Local Social Justice Conferences:

Please click here for the 2015 conference program/list of presenters.

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What were some of the topics students presented at this conference?
Students presented work on topics such as: "America's Interest in Global Hunger"; "South African Women's Organizations in the Transitional Period"; "Indonesia, Nike and Globalization"; "A Case Study in Globalization: Bolivians Struggle for Water Rights"; "North St. Louis: A Case Study in neglect and opportunity"; "The Injustice of Clinical Drug Trials against Participants of Lower Socioeconomic Status;" "Reformation of Nicaraguan human rights policies" and "Cultural Transformation: A View of the Middle East Through the Eyes of a Female US Army Officer," amongst many others.

The Global and Local Social Justice Program - Power, Society, Culture is supported by the Departments of American Studies, Political Science, Public Policy Studies, Sociology and Criminal Justice, the Women's and Gender Studies Program, the School of Social Work and the School of Public Health.  It is sponsored by the Vice President for Research and the Center For Global Citizenship.

It is the inaugural event in SLU's new "Beyond Borders" movement.

For more information on the SLU Global and Local Social Justice Initiative and Certificate Program, please visit:

If you have questions in regards to the 2016 conference, please contact: Robert Strikwerda, Director of the Global and Local Social Justice Program.

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