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Social Justice Certificates

The Global and Local Justice Initiative offers three minor programs. The certificates attend to similar phenomena, but they approach them from different perspectives and tend to frame problems at different levels of analysis. Both minor aim to enable students to understand the sources of social injustice and to work toward positive change.

The undergraduate Peace and Social Justice minor, housed in the School of Social Work, focuses on:

  • Peace and peace-making
  • Personal and interpersonal skills useful in the process of seeking peace and justice
  • Conflict resolution

The undergraduate Global and Local Social Justice--Power, Society, Culture minor and the Graduate minor in Global and Local Social Justice, both based in the Departments of American Studies, Political Science, and Sociology, the School of Social Work, the School of Public Health, and the Women's and Gender Studies Program, focus on:

  • Analysis of systemic and structural causes of injustice and war
  • Preparing students to engage social and political institutions to promote social change
  • Understanding the social and political structures that advance or inhibit social justice

The directors of each program are happy to meet with students to help them decide which certificate better serves their needs.

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