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Graduate Global and Local Social Justice Minor

The Global and Local Social Justice graduate minor aims to provide graduate students with an understanding of the social and political institutions and processes that advance or inhibit social justice. Through interdisciplinary study of social systems, political institutions, public policies, cultural values, and processes of change, students will become familiar with structures that expand or impede material welfare, racial and gender equality, individual human rights, and other components of a just society.

By training students to analyze and understand how social and political structures work, the Global and Local Social Justice graduate minor affirms the University's commitment to developing graduates capable of serving their communities and the world.

To be admitted to the minor program, students must have been accepted into a graduate degree program at Saint Louis University. Ordinarily, students in the minor program must have a minimum 3.0 undergraduate GPA and will have taken at least fifteen hours of undergraduate course work in the social sciences. They will also need to meet any pre-requisites for the courses they plan to take. A student's enrollment in the minor program must be approved by the minor program director and by the director of the student's home program. The director will also advise students on the best order in which to take courses and on which courses may not be offered regularly.

For more information, contact Dr. Robert Strikwerda, Director of the minor program.
Office: McGannon Hall, Room 134
Phone: 314.977.4238


Requirements of the minor
Higher purpose. Greater good.
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