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Requirements of the Graduate Minor in Global and Local Social Justice

The Graduate Global and Local Social Justice minor consists of 15 hours of classes, including:

One class in theories of justice. Choose from:

POLS 573  Contemporary Political Ideologies
POLS 575  American Political Thought
POLS 593  Structures of Power/Structures of Thought
ASTD 670/POLS670  Seminar in American Political Thought
WSTD 501 Feminist Theory

One class in stratification/structures of inequality. Choose from:

ASTD 527  Anti-Black Racism
ASTD 540  Metropolitan America
ASTD 639  Race, Rights & American Identity
PPS 576    Poverty Policy
SOC 540   Race, Gender, Class and Criminal Justice
SOC 550   Social Stratification
SOC 551   Constructing Social Problems
SWRK 715 Social Work Practice with Low Income Families and Neighborhoods
SWRK 716 Diversity and Anti-Oppression Practice

One class in global issues. Choose from:

POLS 584  Politics of Health
PPS 493    Structure of Poverty - Global and Local
SWRK 703  International Social Work: Mexico/Ghana

One class in processes of change. Choose from:

POLS 550  Democratization
POLS 562  International Organization and the Management of World Problems
POLS 671  Leadership and Choice
PPS 500    The Metropolis
PPS 605    Policy Ethics / Social Responsibility
SWRK 702  Social Policy


SWRK 701  Social Justice: Human Liberation and Community Building
SWRK 717  Foundations of Nonviolent Peacemaking
SWRK 793  Social Work in an International Context
SWRK 768  Health and Mental Health Policy
SWRK 798  Non-Profit Management
PPS 540     Organizational Theory and Behavior

Students also may select electives from the classes listed in the four required issue areas. No more than nine of the fifteen required hours may be taken in a single department. Other courses may be substituted with the approval of the program director.

In addition to the fifteen hours of coursework, all students must successfully complete a 0-credit capstone requirement (graded pass/fail). Each student will give a public presentation that reflects on and integrates the themes of the various courses that he or she took as part of the certificate program. The presentation will be based on a paper written in one of the classes taken as part of the certificate.

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