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Minor in Global and Local Social Justice - Power, Society, Culture

Minor Requirements

Admission: To be admitted to the program, students must be undergraduates at Saint Louis University, have a 3.0 G.P.A., and be approved by the program director. The director will also advise student on the best order in which to take courses and on which courses may not be offered regularly. Transfer students interested in the program must meet with the director.

The minor consists of 21 hours of classes and a presentation requirement. Students must select classes in each of the four required issue areas, with a fifth course from area 2 or 3. For the remaining hours, students may select additional classes in the four required issue areas or from the list of electives. As part of their certificate study, students must take classes in at least three different disciplines.

Students must also present in a public forum, such as the Global and Local Social Justice conference, Atlas week, or a student research conference, either on their research or their internship.

1. One class in theories of justice.  Choose from:

POLS 2700 Issues in Political Philosophy
POLS 2710 Theories of Justice
POLS 3520 Communism, Capitalism, and Social Justice
POLS 3710 Ancient and Medieval Classics in Political Thought
POLS/WGST 3720 Renaissance and Modern Political Theories
POLS/WGST 3770 Feminist Theory: Gender Justice (Also as Postmodern Politics)
POLS/WGST 3780 Disability Theory and Politics
PUBH 3100 Public Health and Social Justice
SOC 2100 Classical Social Theory

2. ONE class in local and domestic issues.  Choose from:

AAM 2000 Introduction to African American Studies
ASTD 3010 Ethnic Groups in the U.S.
ASTD 3100 Making the American City: Culture, Space, and 20th Century U.S. Urbanisms
ASTD 3200 The Urban Crisis
ASTD 3300 Workshop in the City
ASTD 3400 Prisons in American Culture
ASTD 3900 Mixed-Race America
CMM 4070 Social Justice Communication
CMM 4320 Communications Across Racial Divisions
POLS 2220 Urban Politics
SOC 3220 Urban Sociology
SOC 3230 Gender and Society
SOC 3350 Social Movements
SOC 3360 Racial and Ethnic Relations
SOC 3500 Social Inequality
SWRK 3100 American Social Welfare System
SWRK 3200 Diversity and Anti-Oppression Practice
WGST 1900 Introduction to Women's and Gender's Studies

3. One class in global issues.  Choose from:

ASTD 3550 America in the Global Age
CMM/WGST 3300 Interculural Communication
POLS 1510 Politics of the Developing World
POLS 2520 Introduction to African Politics
POLS 2570 Introduction to Latin American Politics
POLS 2590 Politics of the Middle East and North Africa
POLS 3500 East Asian Political Economy
POLS 3520 Communism, Capitalism, and Social Justice
POLS 3540 Latin American Social Movements
POLS 3570 Third World Development
POLS 3600 Problems of Globalization
POLS 3620 International Organizations and Management of World Problems
POLS 4510 Seminar: Democratization
POLS 4840 Global Health Politics and Policy
PUBH 2100 Introduction to Global Health (offered every semester)
PUBH 2300 Contemporary Issues in Global Health (offered every spring semester)
SOC 2220 Peace and Conflict Studies
SOC 3460 Principles of Social Development

4. ONE additional class from either global or local/domestic issues (2. or 3.)

5. One service-learning class or an internship with a social and political focus.  Internships must be approved in advance.  Choose from:

ASTD 5800 Workshop in the American Metropolis
ASTD 3910 Service Learning Internship
POLS 3800 The Structure of Poverty: Globally and Locally
POLS 2210 Civic Renewal: Service Learning and Community Justice
SOC 4040 Sociology Practicum: Community Organizing
SWRK 4200 Social Work Practicum II (counts for 3 credits - has prerequisites)
WGST/POLS 3850 Feminism in Action
(Many internships - if approved -- can also meet this requirement.)

Electives (others may be taken as well - contact Dr Strikwerda):

AAM 2010 Contemporary Black America
ASTD 3500 Religion and American Culture
CMM 2300 Intergroup Dialogue
CMM 4810 Digital Storytelling
CSDI 3000 Character of Multicultural Populations
IPE 1100 Introduction to Inter-professional Health Care
POLS 3130 Civil Liberties and Civil Rights
POLS 2540 Ethnicity and Internal War
POLS 2010 Politics and Ethics
PUBH 4000 Politics and Public Health Advocacy
PHIL 3430 Philosophy of Law (pre-requisite PHIL 1050 and PHIL 2050)
PHIL 4810 Philosophy of Feminism (pre-requisite PHIL 1050 and PHIL 2050)
PHIL 4840 Catholic Social Thought (pre-requisite PHIL 1050 and PHIL 2050)
PSY 3300 Social Psychology
PSY 4330 Psychology of Oppression
SWRK 5701 Social Justice: Human Liberation and Community Building (seniors only)
SWRK 5703 International Social Work: Mexico/Ghana (seniors only)
THEO 2515 Social Justice
THEO 3510 Faith and Politics
THEO 3515 Poverty, Wealth, and Justice
THEO 4510 War and Peace in the Christian Tradition

For more information, contact:
Robert A. Strikwerda, Director of the Global and Local Social Justice Program
Office: 134 McGannon Hall, Saint Louis University
Phone: 314-977-4238 Email:

To download a copy of the requirements for the Minor in Global and Local Social Justice, please click here.

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