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Certificate in Global and Local Social Justice - Power, Society, Culture


As electives, students may take additional classes in the five required areas, or they may choose from the courses listed below:

AAM 201    Contemporary Black America
ASTD 340   Religion and American Culture
IPE 110      Introduction to Inter-professional Health Care
POLS 211   American Constitution: Civil Liberties
POLS 254   Ethnicity and Internal War
POLS 293   Politics and Ethics
PPS 425     Urban Classics
PPS 426     The Census and Neighborhood Analysis
PPS 465     Urban Criminal Justice Policy
SOC 250    Current Social Problems
PHIL 343    Philosophy of Law (Pre-requisite PHIL 105 and PHIL 205)
PHIL 481    Philosophy of Feminism (Pre-requisite PHIL 105 and PHIL 205)
PHIL 482    Philosophy and Race (Pre-requisite PHIL 105 and PHIL 205)
PHIL 484    Catholic Social Thought (Pre-requisite PHIL 105 and PHIL 205)
PSY 330    Social Psychology
PSY 433    Psychology of Oppression
SWRK 701  Social Justice: Human Liberation and Community Building 
               (seniors only)
SWRK 703  International Social Work: Mexico/Ghana
               (seniors only, permission required)
SWRK 717  Non-violent Peacemaking (seniors only)
THEO 357  Theology of Gustavo Gutierrez
THEO 361  Social Justice
THEO 366  Faith and Politics
THEO 368  Green Discipleship: Theology and the Environment
THEO 367  Poverty, Wealth, and Justice
THEO 461  Spirituality and Political Commitment
THEO 465  War, Peace, and Christianity
THEO 467  Social Ethics: Christian Faith in the Public Sphere

Higher purpose. Greater good.
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