Saint Louis University

Certificate in Global and Local Social Justice - Power, Society, Culture

Classes in Global Issues

Choose one of the following classes:

PUBH 2100  Introduction to Global Health
PUBH 2300  Contemporary Issues in Global Health
POLS 1510  Politics of the Developing World
POLS 2520  Introduction to African Politics
POLS 2570  Introduction to Latin American Politics
POLS 2650  War and Peace in the Middle East
POLS 3500  East Asian Political Economy
POLS 3520  Communism, Capitalism, and Social Justice
POLS 3570  Third World Development
POLS 3600  Problems of Globalization
POLS 4840  Global Health, Politics, and Policy
SOC 2220   Peace and Conflict Studies
SOC 3460   Principles of Social Development

Higher purpose. Greater good.
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