Saint Louis University

Certificate in Global and Local Social Justice - Power, Society, Culture

Classes in Stratification and Structures of Inequality

Choose one of the following classes:

AAM 2000  Introduction to African American Studies
ASTD 3010 Ethnic Groups in the U.S.
ASTD 3100 Making the American City: Culture, Space, and 20th Century U.S. Urbanisms
ASTD 3200  The Urban Crisis
ASTD 3300 Workshop in the City
ASTD 3400 Prisons in American Culture
ASTD 3900 Mixed-Race America
CMM 4070 Social Justice Communication
CMM 4320 Communications Across Racial Division
POLS 2220  Urban Politics
SOC 3220  Urban Sociology
SOC 3230  Gender and Society
SOC 3350 Social Movements
SOC 3360  Racial and Ethnic Relations
SOC 3500 Social Inequality
SWRK 3100 American Social Welfare System
SWRK 3200 Diversity and Anti-Oppression Practice
WGST 1900  Introduction to Women's and Gender's Studies

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