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Academic Catalog: Global Gateway Program


A cross-college, multi-disciplinary and co-curricular program, the Global Gateway Program (GGP) will accommodate students from all fields, including engineering and science, public health, business, arts, humanities and social sciences. The goal is to promote deeper global awareness, provide an introduction to intercultural competence, and instill in students a capacity to be active global citizens. It is designed to enhance existing university programs and undergraduate learning outcomes, as well as to make graduates more competitive as they enter the work force in a wide variety of fields. The GGP is a supplemental enrichment program, not a degree or certificate. The GGP designation on students' transcripts will enhance their opportunities in today's workplace, which is increasingly global and diverse.

Program Description

The goal of the Global Gateway Program is to develop students' international awareness, intercultural competence, and commitment to serving the common good.  The program consists of academic, co-curricular and service experiences.  Students will have the opportunity to choose from among a number of options in designing their own "Global Gateway" to fulfill program requirements. 

The Global Gateway Program defines its key concepts as follows:

Global awareness is the ability to recognize pluralism of perspectives and world views, to transcend the horizons of one's own environment and to appreciate the value of global interconnections.

Intercultural competence is the ability to communicate across cultures, to understand cultural difference and to apply these skills by engaging in work for the betterment of humanity.

Service to humanity is socially responsible action aimed at promoting the well-being of others, especially the marginalized, and thus contributing to a more just global community.

Program Structure and Requirements

Program Requirements:

Program Application
Introductory Workshop + Reflection/Artifact
(5) Reflection Papers
(5) Academic Artifacts
Service + Service Reflection Paper
Capstone Project


In advancing these key program concepts, the Global Gateway Program guides students in developing global perspective, global inquiry and global engagement.

I. Global Perspective - A Foundation

The program begins with a required Introductory Workshop, providing a framework for developing global awareness and understanding intercultural relations. Participants will obtain conceptual tools to analyze cultural difference and engage in exercises that engage them in the practice of applying these tools.  The Introductory Workshop also reviews the program requirements and walks students through the e-portfolio system.

II. Global Inquiry - Academic & Co-Curricular Activities

Academic and co-curricular activities in the Global Gateway Program rely upon and promote existing courses, programs and activities.


Students must submit five academic artifacts that demonstrate learning outcome achievement. Academic artifacts include written, visual/media/art, and/or presentations created for university courses. Students must include course name, number and instructor for all academic artifacts, and are strongly encouraged to submit course syllabi. Students may draw from any relevant coursework to meet program requirements and are encouraged to submit artifacts from multiple disciplines. The GGP will provide guidance on how to apply a cultural lens in a range of academic courses, and how to identify courses that might be helpful in producing artifacts that meet GGP program requirements. 


Students must attend five co-curricular events that have a strong global or intercultural focus, and write a short reflection paper to be included in their e-portfolio. At least two of these five events must be of academic or scholarly nature. The program will outline clear guidelines for eligible events and provide recommended programs, such as Atlas Week events, International Education Week events, lectures hosted by Intercultural Studies and International Studies, and the SLU-Saint Louis International Film Festival partnership screenings. Students are also encouraged to participate in co-curricular University organizations, clubs or activities that have an international or intercultural focus, such as the International Ambassador Program, Global Brigades or Service Immersion Trips. Students can also participate in off-campus community programs.

III. Global Engagement - Service & Solidarity

All Global Gateway Program students must participate in a GGP-approved service project equivalent to 40 contact hours. Students must provide verification from a supervisor at their service site and write a reflection on their service experience. Service learning courses can be used to meet this requirement

IV. Synthesis

The program concludes with the submission by the student of their e-portfolio along with a capstone project reflecting the student's individual experience in the program. Students will complete a capstone project which could include any of the following:  Artifact, video, blog, multi-media journal, short film, action project, essay, collection of creative work, presentation.   The project provides a framework for reflection on program participation and asks students to synthesize learning related to the program learning outcomes.

Program Coordinator Contact

Kathy Michael,, 314-977-9326

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