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What is SAID?

The SLU Association for International Debate promotes international understanding and the practice of communication through discussion and debates between students from Saint Louis University and other nations. We debate topics of global significance, topics that allow us to express and discern our rights and responsibilities as global citizens. We debate with members of the SLU community, students from other universities, and international partners.

Who can join SAID?

Anyone! No debate experience is necessary. If you have experience in debate, speech team, or mock trial you would be a great fit as well!  We are a very new group and we are looking for students to get involved. This group can really go in any direction that its members want. We also have leadership positions available! A group like SAID is extremely unique and your involvement will make you stand out. You will acquire extremely useful skills that will help you succeed in our globalized world.

How do I Join?

For more information on how to get involved with SAID, please contact

Past Events

Click here to view our debate archive! Check out the past topics we have debated and our international partners. You can also view photos and videos of the debates!

Debate as a Curriculum Resource

Attention faculty! In the past, SAID has partnered with classes to facilitate debates as a curriculum tool. If you are a professor and would like to incorporate debate into your class please contact us! Most recently we partnered with an IPE class and conducted a debate on healthcare systems. Below is feedback we received from the professor:

"The debates, coordinated by the SAID, provide a unique an engaging way to approach controversial topics in class. The synchronous debate with the Madrid section of our course provided a great link between the campuses. Additionally, the support they give in training students from our classes is especially useful in creating an authentic experience. We hope to utilize SAID in future semesters of the IPE 350 - Health Care System and Health Promotion course." - Anthony Breitbach PhD, ATC

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