Formatting Google Calendars

  1. Download the getRESTYLEgc from
  2. Extact the contents of the file
  3. Locate the files on the web
  4. Login to your gmail account (in our case your SLU email account)
  5. Go to
  6. Generate the desired calendar HTML code
  7. Copy the HTML code into Notepad, then copy the src code (src="[source code]")
  8. Paste the source code into the address bar of your browser
  9. View the source code of that page (View >> Page Source)
  10. Copy the href code for the css
    1. e.g.
    2. copy the href code into a Notepad and add "
  11. Go to and type in "" then paste in the href code
  12. Click Process CSS
  13. Select and copy all (CTRL + A and CTRL + C) of the text in the box
  14. Paste (CTRL + V) into your regstylegc.css

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