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Starting and Completing your SLU Graduate Admission Application

Go to the Online Application and start your application for admission. There are seven (7) online pages to the application and at the bottom of each page are three (3) options for proceeding: save, save and exit, next. Click one of the buttons to proceed:

  • Save will save your information provide and keep you on the current application page.
  • Save & Exit will save your information and log you out of the online application. You will have to log back in to the application to resume.
  • Next will save your information and move you to the next page of the online application.

Page 1 will ask you for your Personal Information, Ethnic Background and Program. A field denoted with a is a required field that must have the required information before you can proceed to the next page. If you do not complete all required fields and try to save and move on to the next page, the fields that need information will be designated with:

Complete those fields there on that page and click the Submit this change button or click the Go back button and fill in the required fields to move on to the next page.

After Page 1, your navigation to proceed or go back will have the following buttons:

  • Previous Page
  • Save
  • Save & Exit
  • Next Page

Page 2 asks for contact information, mailing address and permanent address. Once you submit an address, click the verify button for that section. Addresses must be verified before you can go on to the next page.

Page 3 is for your educational history. Per the Graduate Education Catalog, Saint Louis University requires applicants to submit, "official transcripts from all colleges and universities attended" even if you did not have a degree conferred from an institution. If you have not earned your degree from a college and/or university, but will, please put in your anticipated conferral (graduation) date. If you did not earn a degree from an institution, please put the last month/year you were a student in the college degree date field. The search for most recent institution will auto-fill many of the fields once you find your institution.

Page 4 will be where you choose your program you are applying for admission. You must select the College, School or Center that houses your desired program. If you are unsure where you program is located, please consult our Degrees and Certificates page for an alphabetical listing of our programs. Their College, School or Center is located in the last column. Once you have found your program, click on it and select the term you wish to start and then click the confirm your program button. Your application requirements will be listed and you can now proceed to the next page. If you wish to change the program, click the choose new program button to return the programs list.

Page 5 is where you will submit three (3) documents: professional goal statement, writing sample and resume/CV. File types accepted are .pdf, .doc, .docx, .rtf or .txt for your submissions. 

Page 6 is for your recommenders. They will be contacted by e-mail notifying them you have named them as a recommender and they will be asked to submit their recommendation to Saint Louis University on behalf of your application for admission. You will need their name, email, their job position, and their organization. Two questions -- (1) whether they will be using the online recommendation system and (2) your permission to waive/not waive access to their recommendation -- must be answered. Once you submit their information, a Manage your recommenders link will generate and if you need to modify information for a recommender, or you need to list a new recommender, can be done here. The management page will open in a new browser window/tab for you, keeping you and your application open in the previous window/tab.

Page 7 has additional information and application confirmation button. Once you hit Submit and Pay, you will be taken to the secure page for paying your application fee online. You can by credit card (Visa, Mastercard or American Express) or by electronic bank check (U.S. banks only). If you are getting a fee waived, please contact the office of admission. Your application for admission will remain incomplete until your application fee is submitted.

Once you have submitted all of your documents, your application fee and all of your application materials have been received and processed in our office on your application, you will have completed your application for admission to graduate education at Saint Louis University. Check with administrators of your desired program when they review application and make application decisions.

Applicants applying for admission to a dual-degree program are required to apply for admission to both programs. All other applicants are to limit their applications to just one degree program for admission consideration.

Applicants to the Orthodontics program in the Center for Advanced Dental Education (CADE) will need to upload a Word document or a PDF with their name and match number.

For International Applicants, Saint Louis University has partnered with International Skill Verification Services (ISVS) to interview applicants from the People’s Republic of China, Hong Kong, India, Thailand, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, South Korea, Taiwan and Vietnam. Your participation in the ISVS International Study Candidate Assessment Process (ISCAP) will enable us to provide greater consistency in evaluations and deliver faster and more efficient response times for admissions and scholarship decisions. SLU, therefore, strongly suggests that all applicants from the People’s Republic of China, Hong Kong, India, Thailand, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, South Korea, Taiwan and Vietnam register and complete the ISCAP. The ISCAP interview and writing assignment is conducted online. You may participate in the ISCAP using a recent laptop computer from any private place with a strong Internet connection.

The ISCAP is a guided interview-based process that requires no specific preparation. It is designed to give universities a better sense of your spoken English and ad hoc English writing skills, as well as give you the opportunity to powerfully share who you are with us. Please visit the ISVS website for more information and to schedule your interview.

If you are only interested in taking graduate coursework without formally pursuing a graduate degree, please complete an unclassified application (for domestic students) or non-degree, exchange application (for international students).

As always, please feel free to contact us with any questions at any time.

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