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Readmission to a Graduate Program at Saint Louis University

The Saint Louis University Graduate Education Catalog states:

"An accepted Classified applicant must register for graduate degree work at Saint Louis University within two calendar years (less in some fields) of the original acceptance. If a Classified student has registered at least once for coursework, and if more than three years have elapsed since the last registration, the student will be required to re-apply for admission. The fee for re-application is $20.00."

If you have applied for Graduate Admission to a Saint Louis University Graduate Degree Program previously, but did not enroll, you may have to re-apply for admission. This includes:

  • Declining an extended offer of admission from Saint Louis University
  • Accepting and deferring an offer of admission that has elapsed beyond the two-year enrollment window
  • Denied admission into one graduate program and re-applying to the same graduate degree program or applying to a new degree program

Documents received in support of your application will be held for one (1) year from the date of the original application should you decide to re-apply to a graduate program.

To re-apply, please click here.

If you are seeking re-admission to a program previously enrolled in at Saint Louis University, please use the Petition for Re-Admission form.

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