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Dual Degree Programs

Graduate Admission jointly administers a number of dual-degree programs. A student may pursue two advanced degrees concurrently with other professional schools of the University.

Students must apply and be accepted into both programs. Complete an online application for the programs administered by school. Contact the other programs to begin their application process. If both dual-degree programs are administered through Graduate Admission, please complete two applications.

* -- Graduate Education programs | Online Graduate Admission application

School of Law application | School of Medicine application | John Cook School of Business application | College for Public Health and Social Justice application

Dual Graduate Degree Programs
Educational Leadership* | Business Administration MA | MBA
Health Administration* | Business Administration MHA | MBA
Law | Health Administration* JD | MHA
Law | Health Care Ethics* JD | PhD
Law | Accounting JD | MACC
Law | Business Administration JD | MBA
Law | Public Administration* JD | MPA
Law | Social Work* JD | MSW
Law | Public Health in Health Management and Policy* JD | MPH-HMP
Law | Sociology* JD | MA
Law | Urban Planning & Development* JD | MS
Medicine | Basic Biomedical Sciences* MD | PhD
Medicine | Business Administration MD | MBA
Medicine | Health Care Ethics* MD | PhD
Medicine | Public Health* MD | MPH
Public Health* | Clinical Psychology* MSPH | PhD
Public Health* | Nutrition and Dietetics* MPH | MS
Public Health* | Social Work* MPH | MSW
Public Administration* | Political Science* MPA | MS
Public Administration* | Social Work* MPA | MSW
Sustainability* | Business Administration MS | MBA
Theology* | Health Care Ethics* MA | PhD

Saint Louis University also offers dual degrees with other universities. Students interested in pursuing these degrees must apply for admission to both universities.

Dual Graduate Degree Programs
French* | French (University of Poiters, France) MA | MA
Social Work* | Deaconess Studies (Concordia Seminary) MSW | MDeac
Social Work* | Divinity (Concordia Seminary) MSW | MDiv
Social Work* | Pastoral Studies (Aquinas Institute of Theology) MSW | MAPS
Social Work* | Theology (Concordia Seminary) MSW | MATh

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