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Forms and Petitions for Graduate Education

Process Flow Chart - This Document shows where Graduate Education Petitions and Forms need to be turned in and who handles each form

Admission and Status

Graduate Admission Requirement Waiver Form

Petition for Admission into a Doctoral Program: This form is to be used only by a recipient within the past three years of a Master's Degree from Saint Louis University.

Petition to Advance from Probationary to Classified Status: With this form the Probationary student requests recognition of the proposed major field as formally pursuing the degree sought.

Changes or Amendments to Program of Study

Petition to Amend the Graduate Program: This form is to be used to change your major field of study, change your degree sought within the same major, add or delete a minor field, etc. This form is not to be used to initiate advancement from Probationary to Classified status or if seeking doctoral admission in the major field upon completion of a Master's degree in that field.

Petition to Pursue a Certificate within a Degree Program: This form is only to be used by the Classified student desiring to pursue a certificate concurrent with an advanced degree.

Petition to Amend Graduate Program Minor

Petition for Time Period Extension to Complete Degree Requirements: This form is to be used by a Master's or Doctoral student to petition for an extension of the time period to complete the degree requirements.

Courses and Credits

Petition for Transfer of Credit: This form is to be used to transfer graduate coursework credits earned elsewhere as a non-degree or transient student.

Petition for Post-Baccalaureate Course Work: This approved petition is required for undergraduate students enrolling in graduate/post-baccalaureate courses.

Petition for Probationary Admission Enrollment

Evaluation of Advanced Standing of a Doctoral Student: This form is to be used to document completed, advanced coursework taken elsewhere that is applicable to a student's current doctoral program.


General Petition Form: This form is to be used if none of the above specific petitions apply to your request.

Petition for Parental leave

*The forms above are most commonly used by graduate students. a comprehensive list of university forms and petitions can be found here

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