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SLU Scientists Will Examine Regional Climate Change As Part of $20 Million Missouri Research Consortium

NSF-Funded Study Looks at Future for Missouri Agriculture

A $20 million grant from the National Science Foundation will allow a consortium of Missouri universities and research institutions, including Saint Louis University, to study how climate change is likely to affect agriculture in the state.

The award, named "The Missouri Transect: Climate, Plants and Community," will fund scientists from a variety of fields as they examine the impact of climate change on aspects of farming, like plant stress and soil changes.

In addition to SLU, the consortium will fund researchers from all four University of Missouri System campuses, (MU, Missouri University of Science and Technology, University of Missouri-Kansas City, and University of Missouri-St. Louis), as well as investigators at the Donald Danforth Plant Sciences Center, Washington University, Lincoln University and the St. Louis Science Center.

Tim Eichler, Ph.D., assistant professor of earth and atmospheric sciences, is the principal investigator at SLU and will study changes to regional weather patterns.

"My role is assessing regional climate," Eichler said. "I'm looking at how global warming may impact the frequency, intensity, and tracks of storms that affect Missouri."

Eichler notes that Missouri agriculture plays a major role in the national economy and may suffer serious consequences due to global warming.


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