Saint Louis University

How can the University Honors Program benefit me?

The University Honors Program is designed for students seeking to get the most out of their college careers while preparing themselves for success after they graduate. Its requirements focus not only on rigorous instruction but also providing students with the flexibility and independence to pursue their own intellectual interests.

All students enrolled in the University Honors Program are allowed to register for Honors courses, which are typically smaller, taught by highly-ranked faculty and more discussion-based. Courses taken for Honors credit are clearly marked on your transcript and add distinction to graduate school and employment applications.

Active Honors students also receive priority registration privileges, meaning you can register for courses one business day before the assigned registration date. Honors advisors also assist Honors students with arranging course schedules and registration, and the University Honors Program often offers free or discounted tickets to events such as the University Theatre, Cardinals baseball games or shows at the Grand Center.

Which majors/programs are eligible for University Honors Program consideration?

Students from all majors and pre-professional programs are welcome to apply for admission to the University Honors Program.

If I plan to pursue the Pre-Med Scholars program, occupational or physical therapy, or engineering, will I be able to complete the University Honors Program?

Yes. By taking full advantage of Honors core seminars, cross-listed courses, contract options, independent study options and the senior capstone, students who are pursuing the programs stated above can not only complete the University Honors Program requirements, but can use the program to enhance their understanding of their discipline and prepare for post-graduate study.

If I am a high school senior and am interested in the Saint Louis University's
Honors Program. How do I apply?

Any high school senior who applies to Saint Louis University and meets the entrance requirements for the University Honors Program is welcome to apply separately to the University Honors Program. The entrance requirements for the program are an ACT score of 30 or more or an SAT score of 1330 or more, and a cumulative GPA of 3.8 or higher.

More information on the application process to the University Honors Program can be found here, and you can apply online here as an incoming freshman.

If I am currently a student at Saint Louis University, can I enter the University Honors Program?

Yes, if you have accumulated fewer than 45 credit hours and if your SLU GPA is 3.5 or greater, you are welcome to apply for admission to the program. More information can be found in the transfer student section of the "Applying to Honors" page.

As an Honors student, how will my curriculum differ from other students?

Students in the University Honors Program are required to take the introductory HR 1900: Crossroads during the first semester. You then can take Honors sections of core classes which are designed for greater interaction between the instructor and their classmates. The courses stress independent work and thinking.

Honors students are also required to take an upper-level Honors senior seminar, which is designed to help you examine your education, questioning the judgment of the worth of diverse knowledge. Honors students are required to complete a minimum of three hours of HR 4960: Senior Honors Capstone. This requirement can be completed in conjunction with a senior paper or project required by your major. More information about the curriculum can be found here.

How many Honors courses do I take?

Honors students are expected to complete a minimum of 24 credit hours of Honors coursework. This credit requirement translates to one Honors course per semester, although it is acceptable to take more than one course in a semester or to skip semesters if your curriculum demands it. Transfer students can transfer up to 12 Honors credits at the discretion of the director of the University Honors Program.