Saint Louis University

The University Honors Program consists of 24 credit hours spread out over a combination of courses, supplemental assignments and experiential learning opportunities.

Students have the flexibility to design their own course of study within the University Honors Program, and advisors are available to help students construct their own four-year plan. You can find more specific information in the University Honors Program curriculum guide.

Required Courses
Three required courses form the core of the Honors program: 

  • HR 1900: Crossroads (three credit hours) — An interdisciplinary, introductory seminar, Crossroads orients students to how Honors courses will differ from non-Honors courses and is usually taken within the first year.
  • Honors Senior Seminar (three credit hours) — This requirement is typically fulfilled by taking HR 4930: Great Books or another approved upper-level substitute, which varies by semester. 
  • HR 4960: Honors Senior Capstone (three credit hours) — The capstone project is usually undertaken during your senior year and may be linked with a senior capstone or seminar course in your major or minor.

Honors-Only Courses
Honors-only courses are courses offered by other departments with enrollment limited to Honors students. These courses are taught by some of Saint Louis University's most distinguished faculty, and the class size is typically limited to 20 students.

Many of the core classes required for degrees within the College of Arts and Sciences are offered as Honors-only courses, such as THEO 1000 and 2200, PHIL 1050 and 2050, and HIST 1110 and 1120.

Contracting Courses
Students may elect to turn a non-Honors course into an Honors course by "contracting" the class with the instructor. The course must be a 3000- or 4000-level course in the student's major. Students complete an Honors contract agreement with the instructor, which involves meeting with the instructor to discuss supplemental assignments that the Honors student will complete in order to earn Honors credit for the course.

Cross-listed Courses
The majority of Honors courses are cross-listed courses, which means that both Honors students and non-Honors students can enroll in the course. Cross-listed courses do involve supplemental assignments for students to earn Honors credit. Honors students must register specifically for the Honors section to earn Honors credit.

Experiential Learning
Honors students admitted in fall 2012 and later are required to complete a minimum of six credit hours of "out of class" experiences. This requirement recognizes the importance of such experiences in serving as a complement to conventional academic courses and can be fulfilled by:

  • Registering for HR 4820 during study abroad semesters
  • Completing an approved internships, research and/or independent study
  • Serving as a teaching assistant
  • Participating in the international partnership program

Socially and academically, the University Honors Program has definitely been my favorite part about attending Saint Louis University. It keeps me challenged in my studies while integrating them into any service learning or social endeavor that I do.

Michelle - junior, English and gender studies. Hear what other Honors students are saying.