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University Honors Program Student Communities and OrganizationsTo complement the academic program, the University Honors Program offers vibrant community features, from residential Learning Communities (LCs) to peer mentoring opportunities through SLU's Leaders for Involvement, Networking and Knowledge (LINK) program.

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Honors Learning Community

Dedicated to the holistic development of students in support of the Saint Louis University mission, the University Honors Program Learning Community strives to develop active citizens through an emphasis on service, leadership and a deeper appreciation of diversity by fostering an interdisciplinary, integrated learning experience for first- and second-year students.

As an Honors student, you may elect to live in the University Honors Program Learning Community during your first and second years at SLU. Spring Hall provides a residence for 80 Honors students on two floors set aside for Honors students. Residence hall rooms are either single or double occupancy, and each floor has a community lounge. If you are interested in Honors housing, you should note your preference on your housing application in the spring.

The Learning Community is an environment where you will develop meaningful relationships with your fellow Honors students as well as faculty and staff, grow intellectually through discourse and shared experiences, and establish connections to the Saint Louis University community.

As a part of the Learning Community, most students enroll in associated courses with other students in the community (e.g., a Crossroads course and a Philosophy or Theology course). The University Honors Program offers three Learning Communities: one focused on life sciences and two others oriented more towards the humanities. If you elect to join the Honor Learning Community (and if there are no conflicts with your chosen major), you will be automatically enrolled in a Crossroads class and another associated course that you share with other members of your LC.

For more information about the Honors Learning Community and the Honors course clusters within the communities, visit the Honors Learning Community website.

Honors Student Association

The Honors Student Association (HSA) is a student-led, chartered student organization that provides social programming, service opportunities and academic support for Honors students.

HSA enhances social and academic aspects of the University Honors community by providing an opportunity for Honors students to develop leadership skills, build a vibrant intellectual community and enhance the quality of the undergraduate experience. All Honors students are automatically members of HSA.

For information about HSA, email or check out the HSA Facebook page for all latest announcements and events.

Leaders for Involvement, Networking and Knowledge

Honors LINKs are upperclassmen Honors students who serve as mentors for incoming first-year students. Honors LINKs sponsor Welcome Week events for incoming Honors students and host additional programming to assist with the transition to college throughout the year.

Each LINK works with a group of 10-12 first year students. Honors LINKs are an excellent resource for new Honors students on topics including academic life, getting involved in campus activities and navigating the SLU community.

The University Honors Program recruits for new LINKs during the spring semester. Interested students are required to submit an application and participate in an interview. New LINKs will participate in training in April and before classes resume in August.

Presidential Scholar Society

The Presidential Scholar Society is a student-led organization that provides professional, academic, service and cultural experiences that enable Presidential Scholarship recipients to develop their full potential as leaders capable of solving issues facing our world today.

As a collaborative community based on intellectual adventure, the Presidential Scholar Society provides unique opportunities and resources available to current Scholars. Presidential Scholars are eligible to apply for additional funding (up to $1,200) in support of an Investigative Learning Experience (ILEX), which may take the form of a research venture, service project, internship or other co-curricular endeavor.

For more information, visit the Presidential Scholars Society online or contact