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The University Honors Program Experience

"I would recommend the Honors Learning Community to anyone. We had a great floor and a lot of fun people, plus living together with the people you are taking Honors classes with is definitely beneficial."

Luke - sophomore, computer

"Honors classes have given me a greater reach into the SLU community. I have been able to meet people I never would have otherwise, and it's great to have my friends include people from different majors."

Stephanie - junior, neuroscience

"As a LINK mentor, I love bringing new students into the Honors program. We have one-on-one and group meetings that help give students a social base and the resources to better navigate the academic sphere."

Michelle - sophomore, English and gender studies

"The Honors program is about integrating academics and cultural experiences into what you are going to do with your life and how that can make you a better, more well-rounded person."

Kelsey - junior, pre-med biology

"Honors students have priority registration, so you can have access to classes that you wouldn’t otherwise while the Honors-specific courses provide an additional challenge without being overwhelming."

Saketh - junior, pre-med biology

"The Honors program appealed to me because I really like the idea of being in a small group of people that are focused and driven in the same way I am. It's really just an ideal college experience."

Paul - sophomore, pre-med biology

"The most beneficial part of the Honors experience is the way it broadens your curriculum and encourages you to get out of your major and explore avenues that you wouldn't have thought to explore."

Emma - senior, pre-med biology

"The Honors program pushes you to better yourself and helps you acquire life skills, like being more self-sufficient, which is great whether you go to graduate school or get a job right out of college."

Abigail - sophomore, criminology and criminal justice, psychology
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