Saint Louis University

Below you will find a short list of suggested items to bring as you move in:

  • Bed linens for an extra long twin
  • Shower shoes
  • Desk lamp - not halogen
  • Identification (University ID Card and Drivers License or Passport)
  • Health insurance information - card and policy
  • Toiletries & laundry supplies
  • Microwave - 700 watts or less
  • Coaxial cable for your TV
  • Ethernet cable for your computer
  • Refrigerator - 3.2 cubic feet or less
  • Computer/ Laptop

Click here for a general checklist of items to bring

What not to Bring
Please refer to the prohibited and restricted items list in the Housing and Residence Life Handbook. Some of the most common prohibited items students forget to leave at home are:

  • Anything with an open or exposed heating element (e.g. toaster, george forman grill, hot plate)
  • Candles and incense
  • Pets - except for small fish and hermit crabs held in a 10 gallon (or smaller) tank
  • Halogen lamps
  • Barbecue grills - including apartments
  • Alcohol paraphernalia such as empty liquor/beer/wine bottles, shot glasses, beer pong table, etc.
  • Street or road signs 
  • Personal wireless routers
  • Weapons including but not limited to:
    • Airsoft, paintball or BB guns
    • Knives with a blade longer than 4 inches (switchblade and butterfly knives are prohibited regardless of blade length)
    • Explosive devices including fireworks and other hazardous chemicals (kerosene, lighter fluid, etc)

Getting Connected

  • Mail - When you arrive and check in, you will receive a number for your mailbox, if you have not already received it, which is located centrally in the BSC.  For more information, visit the Student Mail Services webpage.  Please note that residence halls do not accept deliveries from UPS, Fedex, flower shops, etc, so all mail must go to the student's BSC mailbox.
  • Cable TV - Every room receives an "extended basic" cable package, which includes ESPN, MTV, CNN, TNT and other stations in addition to local network affiliates. Charter Communications, our campus cable provider, has converted entirely to digital so your television will need a QAM (digital) tuner in order to receive cable.  Most televisions manufactured after 2010 have a built in QAM (digital) tuner, and this information can be verified by searching your specific television online using the serial number.  You will also need to provide your own coaxial cable cord to connect your television to the cable jack.  Please contact our office at or (314) 977-2811 with assistance in troubleshooting cable issues.
  • Internet - Every residence hall room has a wired and wireless connection to SLUNET, our campus network.  To connect to the wired network, you will need your computer, an ethernet cable (25' recommended) and an ethernet port, which should be built in to your computer.  For more information about connecting to the wired network or the wireless network please visit the Information Technology Services webpage.  Before connecting to the SLU network, it is important that you install antivirus software, which is provided to students for free. For assistance with technology issues please contact Information Technology Services (ITS) at (314) 977-4000 or