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Residence Life Overview

Division of Student Development Mission Statement

The Division of Student Development helps students develop as leaders who are spiritually formed, critically reflective, and socially and personally responsible.

  • Spiritually formed students will have an understanding that there is a greater purpose and meaning in every life, and this will shape their influence con others.
  • Critically reflective students gain knowledge and experience while challenging and clarifying values and beliefs.
  • Socially responsible students will be influenced to encourage community and promote positive social change by gaining an understanding of other cultures and social conditions.
  • Personally responsible students respect themselves and evaluate and adjust behaviors to ensure that they are physically, emotionally, socially, and spiritually healthy.

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Department Mission Statement

The Department of Housing and Residence Life provides a transformative residential experience. Through living in community, students:

  • exhibit a commitment to individual and community responsibility,
  • develop an understanding of personal and social identities, and
  • cultivate academic and intellectual growth.

On-campus population - approximately 3,800 students including student staff

Department of Housing and Residence Life Professional Staff

Director of Housing and Residence Life- 1 full-time staff member who oversees the department.

Associate Directors- 2 Associate Directors total: 1 full-time Residence Life and 1 full-time Housing Operations

Assistant Directors- 4 Assistant Directors total: 1 full-time Housing Assignments and Marketing, 2 full-time Residence Life, 1 full-time Residential Education.

Learning Community Coordinator- 1 fill-time staff member who oversees daily development of the learning communities and learning community student leadership.

Learning Community Academic Coordinator- 1 full-time staff member who oversees the academic course connection and academic support components of the learning community program (half position LC and half position major exploration advising)

Restorative Justice Coordinator- 1 full-time staff member who oversees the conduct and restorative justice processes for residential students.

Housing Operations Coordinator- 1 full-time staff member who oversees the housing assignments for all students living on campus.

Administrative Assistants- 2 full-time staff members who assist the central housing office with administrative duties including student staff payroll. 

Residence Hall Coordinators (RHC)- 9 full-time live in staff members who oversee daily operations of a residence hall or apartment building.
Graduate Assistants (GA)- 3 Graduate Assistants total: 1 part-time to work with Learning Community program, 2 part-time live-in staff members who oversee daily operations of a residence hall or apartment building.

Student Staff

Desk Managers (DM)- 10 undergraduate staff that oversee desk management and supervision.
Resident Advisors (RA)- 106 undergraduate staff responsible for developing community and enforcing policy in the residence halls and apartments.
Desk Workers (DW)- Student staff who work at 24 hour security desk located in each residence hall and one apartment building.
Higher purpose. Greater good.
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