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Resident Advisor Position Description

We will have multiple positions serving first-year and upperclass students residing in the residence halls and apartments.

Resident Advisor Position Description 

Apply for the Resident Advisor Position on SLUGroups.

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If you're majoring or have an interest in one of the below areas and want to create a rich learning experience for students then apply now! We are looking for RAs to serve on our Learning Community floors.

  • Ethical Leaders in Business
  • Micah (Faith and Service)
  • Honors
  • Health Sciences
  • Leadership for Social Change
  • Life Sciences
  • Engineering and Innovation
  • Diversity and Global Citizenship
  • Careers and Majors Exploration

Saint Louis University prohibits discrimination based on race, color, sex, national origin, religion, age, disability, or veteran status. In addition, based on our Catholic values and tradition we are committed to protecting the dignity of each person and therefore extend our non-discrimination policy to include sexual orientation. All University policies, practices, and procedures are administered in a manner consistent with our Catholic Jesuit identity.

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