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About Housing and Residence Life

Vision Statement
Housing and Residence Life aspires to be a leading housing program among Jesuit institutions nationally by establishing itself as an example of innovative service to students. Through a student-focused approach, Housing and Residence Life will establish best practices in the areas of staffing, resource and facility management and student development. The department will devote its considerable professional and financial resources to the evolving needs of students, helping to enhance their academic experience. Housing and Residence Life will be a critical element of the Saint Louis University experience in helping our students to become men and women for others.

Mission Statement
The Department of Housing and Residence Life provides a transformative residential experience.  Through living in community, students:

  •  exhibit a commitment to individual and community responsibility,
  • develop an understanding of personal and social identities, and
  • cultivate academic and intellectual growth.

Residential Experience

Living on-campus provides an ideal environment for students to live and learn from peers. We strive for all residents to personally develop and grow during their time living on-campus. Residential living is a seminal educational experience designed to provide space for residential students to be rooted in the ideas of critical thought and civic discourse steeped in academic tradition. We want students to demonstrate personal development and cognitive growth as a result of living in our residential community. This means an investment in community responsibility, civility, sustaining relationships with others, developing ones values, understanding the perspective of others, striving to be a relational leader, and developing the whole person.

Current Staff
Housing and Residence Life staff strive to help students develop as leaders who are spiritually formed, critically reflective, and socially and personally responsible. Our full-time staff members are dedicated to developing inclusive communities through intentional conversations, community experiences, student leadership opportunities, learning communities, community standards, and supportive learning environments.

Staff Directory
Central Office Staff

Residence Hall Coordinators

Organizational Chart

Housing and Residence Life Organization Chart at Saint Louis University, October 2013

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