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Release Request

There are two types of release requests that can be made, Residency Exemption and a general Residential Contract Release. Additionally, a student may request a Meal Plan Exemption or Commuter Plan Exemption. All release and exemption requests require meeting specific criteria. All forms and requirements for exemption and release are provided for students to review prior to form submission. 

Residency Exemption
Students applying for a residency exception are required to submit an appeal of residency. Students should not make arrangements for alternate housing until they are notified by Housing and Residence Life that an exception has been granted. If an exception is not granted, the student will be held responsible for the housing contract. Because the priority and exemption deadlines are the same, students are encouraged to complete the housing contract and complete their $250 advance payment or $450 enrollment deposit by the May 1st priority date.

Exceptions will be considered for the reasons listed below. All requests must be accompanied by the appropriate documentation.

  • Residing at home with parents/guardians within a commutable distance: Notarized form (pdf), signed by parent/guardian
  • Over 21: No documentation needed, verified with university records 
  • Married: Copy of marriage license 
  • Child: Copy of birth certificate of dependent child 
  • Military: Copy of military record 
  • Financial: Documentation to demonstrate financial hardship, personal statement 
    • Examples include student's financial aid award letter (available online), documents from parents employers, bank statements, loan information, and any other financial/legal documentation. Withdrawal of family contribution (support) may not be a criterion for exemption.
  • Medical: Documentation from physician, personal statement
    • A signed and dated statement from the students treating physician or therapist is required and must include: 
      • the students diagnosis 
      • the treatment plan, especially as it relates to the students housing 
      • a description of living environment factors/features necessitated by the treatment plan and the rationale for them 
    • The letter must be on office letterhead and must be dated no more than three months prior to the date the Residency Exemption Request is submitted. 

The Residency Exemption Request Form may be found in the mySLU housing portal. Navigate to, choose Tools, and select Student Housing. There, you'll find the 2016-2017 Residency Exemption Request Form.  

Residential Contract Release
The Residential Contract Release Request Form is only an application for release; you are not released from your contract until you receive WRITTEN notification from the Department of Housing and Residence Life.

The request for release must be related to one of the following reasons:

  • Medical/Psychological
  • Financial
  • Marriage
  • Withdrawal/Transferring
  • Internship/Practicum/Military
  • Study Abroad

Cases cannot be considered until all the necessary facts are collected. Appropriate documentation is required at the time the application is submitted to be considered.

A contract release board comprised of staff from Housing and Residence Life, Student Financial Services, Disability Services, Student Health, and International Services will review your request.

The Department of Housing and Residence Life will keep any of the information provided below and any supporting documents you submit, in confidence. You will be forwarded a decision letter. If you do not agree with the board's decision, you have five (5) business days to appeal in writing to the Director of the Department of Housing and Residence Life.

Please review the University's Refund Schedule (below) before submission of the Residential Contract Release Request Form. You should not enter into any additional off campus lease agreements until you have been notified of your release.

*Contracts at the Flats at Three Seven Four are not eligible for Contract Release.*

Fall Semester 2015
100% refund: August 24-September 4, 2015
90% refund: September 5-11, 2015
80% refund: September 12-18, 2015
70% refund: September 19-25, 2015
No refund after September 25, 2015

Spring Semester 2016
100% refund: January 11-22, 2016
90% refund: January 23-29, 2016
80% refund: January 30-5, 2016
70% refund: February 6-12, 2016
No refund after February 12, 2016

Download the Contract Release Application Form (pdf)

Meal Plan Exemptions
Saint Louis University makes reasonable accommodations for students with differing meal preparation needs as contracted with Aramark's Dining Services for student meals. Aramark's has a dietitian on staff to provide ongoing assistance to students who request meal plan accommodations.

Every effort will be made to offer meals to all students based on documented dietary restrictions and religious affiliations. However, the University will not offer meal plan exemptions for any reason unless the dietitian has contacted Housing and Residence Life administration to indicate, based on their review, an accommodation cannot be made and a release from the meal plan should be considered due to extenuating circumstances.

Download the Meal Plan Exemption Request Form (pdf)

Commuter Meal Plan Exemption
Students can request a commuter meal plan exemption for one of the following reasons:

Financial Hardship:
In order for the student to be exempt from the plan, the student must provide documentation showing an EFC (Expected Family Contribution) of $500 or less. This documentation can be in the form of a FAFSA report submitted to Parking and Card Services, along with the Commuter Meal Plan Exemption Request form.

Off campus Student Teaching, Internship, Clinical or Cooperative that prohibits the student from coming to campus:
These students must be enrolled in a Saint Louis University student teaching program, or internship, for the entire semester. These students do not reside in Saint Louis University housing, nor do they take additional classes on campus during this student teaching or internship period. The student absence should be for the entire semester. In order for this student to be exempt from the plan, the student must submit this signed exemption request by the Dean of the relevant program.

To request a commuter meal plan exemption, please complete the Commuter Meal Plan Exemption Request (pdf) 

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