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Room Assignments and Changes

Before requesting a room change please be sure to have exhausted the following options:

Reassignments Associated with Roommate Conflicts

It is the philosophy of the Department of Housing and Residence Life that for any reassignment request stemming from differences between or conflict among roommates students are expected to have made a good faith effort toward resolving the issue. This includes completing a roommate agreement and attempting the strategies listed above. Four basic criteria must be met for a change to occur:

1. Student(s) involved have attempted to resolve roommate situation.
2. Vacant space is available.
3. Students affected have consented to the change.
4. The building professional staff member has approved the change.

Roommates are encouraged to have continuing discussions in regards to their needs and expectations for the space they share, and should remain open to fully resolving any conflict that remains in the event that a reassignment is deemed appropriate.

Reassignments Process

If a reassignment is approved, this may result in a change in housing costs for the semester. Please be aware if requested reassignment will result in additional housing charges, it is the student's responsibility to discuss any requests with family or other individuals who may need to be consulted regarding the student's account and expenses.

Approved changes must be completed within 48 hours of approval. A change is not completed until the student has checked out of the original assignment and returned key(s). All requests for reassignment must be submitted during the designated reassignments period. Requests received after this date and time will be not considered.

To request a room reassignment, complete the Reassignment Request Form prior to September 18.

Administrative Reassignment

The University reserves the right to reassign an individual or a group of individuals at any time. This policy is usually, but not exclusively, applied to situations where an individual student or group of students has reoccurring behavioral problems or community damage. Residents of communities (room or floor) with environments that are displaying behaviors inconsistent with the University's values, mission or policies are subject to an administrative move. If an administrative reassignment occurs, the student(s) will be responsible for any additional room charges that may be affiliated with the new assignment. The central housing office will determine when an administrative move is deemed necessary.

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