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Housing and Residence Life Handbook and Policies

On-campus living at Saint Louis University provides an integral part of a student's educational experience, offering opportunities and services beneficial to a student's overall development. We expect students to be responsible and involved citizens in the residential community and thus an active participant in making and carrying out decisions affecting the entire residential community.

As a residential student, you enjoy and receive considerable freedom, and with that freedom comes many responsibilities. You are responsible for your room/living unit. Regardless of your presence, you are responsible for all activities that occur there if you have knowledge of others' activities or fail to take proper actions to stop any activity. You also are responsible for your actions, the physical environment of the building, and the community as a whole. If you are aware of, or in the presence of, a violation of University policy, and remain in the presence of, or fail to take reasonable actions to stop the violation, you are giving your implied consent to this violation, and could be held responsible.

The Housing and Residence Life Handbook is designed to provide you with information about services, policies, procedures, and opportunities that will enable you to fully participate in on-campus living. As a residential student it is your responsibility to review this handbook as well as the Student Handbook of Community Standards (Code of Conduct). If you have any questions, please talk to a Housing and Residence Life (HRL) staff member or call the Department of Housing and Residence Life at 977-2811 or via email at

Click here to view the 2015-2016 Housing and Residence Life Handbook (pdf)

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