Saint Louis University

Mission Statement of the Learning Communities Program:
The mission of the Learning Communities Program at Saint Louis University is to create intentional, inclusive communities formed around common academic programs or themes where students live and learn together. Engaging the Jesuit traditions of developing the intellectual, critical thinking, and reflection, Learning Communities invite students to integrate their learning with shared curricular and co-curricular experiences. These communities cultivate holistic student growth and enhance learning by fostering collaborative and enduring connections among students, faculty, and staff.

Learning Outcomes for First-Year Residential Students:
 Residents will be able to:
• Demonstrate civility toward their residential community.
• Apply confidence with interpersonal skills.
• Explore personal values, beliefs, and identities.
• Describe connection between curricular and co-curricular.
• Identify support systems for academic success.

Program Outcomes of Learning Communities:

Academic Success: To assist students to make a successful academic transition to college, LCs will offer co-curricular experiences that:
• Facilitate academic engagement, including deep engagement with subject matter.
• Provide opportunities for interaction with faculty outside the classroom.
• Facilitate opportunities to connect classroom learning with experiential learning.
• Engage students with resources that support academic success.

Community Development: To assist students to make a successful social transition to college, LCs will offer experiences that:
• Foster learning about how to thrive in community effectively.
• Facilitate appreciation and understanding of differences among community members.
• Provide opportunities to interact and learn from off-campus communities.

Self-Efficacy: To assist students to adapt effectively to college, LCs will offer experiences that:
• Facilitate observational learning.
• Facilitate development of personality.
• Develop critical-thinking skills.
• Develop strong social skills in a group setting.