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Learning Communities Benefits

Why join?
Students in Learning Communities at Saint Louis University have an incredible opportunity to build study groups, participate in additional academic and social opportunities, develop peer mentor relationships, and create lasting friendships with people who share similar interests. Each year, half of SLU first-year students decide to join a learning community!

What are the benefits of joining a Learning Community?

• Live in a community with students who share similar majors or interests.
• Gain the opportunity to develop strong peer to peer relationships.
• Interact with faculty both inside and outside of the classroom.
• Participate in formal and informal study groups to help you succeed in your classes.
• Pursue meaningful service opportunities with members of your community.
• Develop communication and leadership skills.
• Have fun!

What are the expectations of students that participate in Learning Communities?

• While Learning Community activities are not all required, there are some expectations of students to actively participate in the experiences of the community on a regular basis.
• We encourage each student to become a partner in their education by becoming an active leader and learner within the Learning Community.
• Students are expected to enroll in all courses that are a part of the Learning Community for the duration of the semester or academic year.

Common Learning Community Activities/Experiences:
• Common place of residence - live together on one or more floors; 
• Social opportunities to build community;
• Connect with students with similar academic or personal goals;
• Career exploration;
• Special programs to acquaint students with campus life;
• Introduction to university resources;
• Explore St. Louis through field trips or visiting different places throughout the city;
• Service opportunities whether one time community service project or ongoing service sites;
• Peer mentoring and/or tutoring;
• Faculty mentoring and involvement; 
• Participation in department club or other organization; 
• Leadership development;
• Exposure to international and/or diversity issues; 
• More collaborative learning environment.

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