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The community is designed mainly for the following engineering majors: Electrical, Aerospace, Biomedical and Mechanical. However, other Parks College Engineering, Aviation, and Technology students are welcome to live in the Learning Community as well. This includes students majoring in any Aviation or Physics programs.



The Engineering and Innovation Learning Community in the Griesedieck Complex is an excellent opportunity for students to live in a community of scholars that share a commitment to the field of Engineering, Physics, and Flight Science.

The students in this community will benefit from the ongoing support of peers and faculty with similar academic interests in the Parks College of Engineering, Aviation, and Technology.

Examples of Community Experiences

  • Touring the City Museum 
  • Site tours at Boeing and Caterpillar Plant 
  • Participation and attendance at the annual pumpkin launch contest 
  • Egg drop contest 
  • Ruben's Tube experiment 
  • Paint Ball trip with discussion of the physics 
  • Make a Difference Day: Painted at a local elementary school. 
  • Card Board City: Built housing structures from cardboard and slept in them for one night to raise awareness about homelessness.


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Engineering and Innovation Class Opportunities

Classes with the Engineering Learning Community are the best way for aspiring engineers to step out on the right foot at Saint Louis University. Taking a few classes with our diverse group of incoming engineering students will help you to develop knowledge of basic engineering practices, meet key faculty and stakeholders, and create relationships and study groups that will last through all of your years at SLU.

Associated Courses for Engineering 1:
**Math (see notes)
CHEM 1075: Engineering Chemistry lab
EDH 1010: University 101

Associated Courses for Engineering 2  (Biomedical Engineering Section):
**Math (see notes)
CHEM 1115: General Chemistry I lab
EDH 1010: University 101 OR
BME 1000: BME Orientation (only for Biomedical Engineering students)

**Final math placement will be determined by math index results and consultation with academic advisor. Students will be enrolled in Pre-Calculus, Calculus I, or Calculus II.
















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