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The University Honors program welcomes academically talented students from all majors who seek an enriching college experience. It's a program about taking on challenges and connecting with SLU's scholarly community, exemplifying the Jesuit commitment to service, receiving personalized advising and support, and pursuing studies that focus on your individual academic and career interests.

The Honors Learning Community provides a place for University Honors Students to live, learn, and grow in community. The community is located in Fusz Hall.

Learn more about the Saint Louis University Honors Program HERE.

Examples of Community Experiences and Service Involvement:

  • Bus tour of St. Louis
  • Group discussions
  • Touring St. Louis sites
  • Service projects
  • Mid Term and Finals Study Break
  • Assisted at a local school
Honors LC Logo
Honors Learning Community Faculty:
Jessica Perolio, Director of the Honors Program Jessica Perolio
Dr. Torrie Hester, Assistant Professor, Department of History Picture of Dr. Torrie Hester
Dr. Scott Berman, Associate Professor, Department of Philosophy Scott Berman



Honors Community Meeting

LC Students at the Symphony

Honors Students at Convocation

Honors LC Painting

The Honors Learning Community is open to students of all majors who have been admitted to the University Honors Program.






Honors Class Opportunities
Note: These course options fulfill course requirements for first semester Honors Students

Honors 1 Associated Courses (Humanities Focus)
PHIL 1050: Intro to Philosophy, Self and Reality
HR 1900: Crossroads: Intro to Honors

Honors 2 Associated Courses (Healthy Mind, Body, Spirit)
THEO 1000: Theological Foundations
HR 1900: Crossroads: Intro to Honors






















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