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Academic Support

Student success ranges from classroom experiences to feeling a sense of belonging on and connectedness to campus that enhances a student's ability to be more successful in college. As such, the Department of Housing and Residence Life strives to create a supportive, focused environment in the residence halls and apartments. A strong environments allows for students to achieve individually and as a group in their curricular and co-curricular experiences.

Partnering with the Student Success Center, we are able to offer academic support directly in the residence halls. Guided study groups are available through the Learning Community program for the following courses:
Engineering Learning Community- Chemistry 151;
Health Sciences Learning Community- Biology 110, Chemistry 153, and Human Physiology 254;
Life Sciences Learning Community- Biology 104, Chemistry 163.

The residential environment also provides additional support is also provided for students who would like to form their own study groups. Click here for tips on how to form a study group and making the most of what to do when you meet.

Additional academic resources are available through the Student Success Center.

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