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Residence Hall Association

The Residence Hall Association (RHA) of Saint Louis University is a student-led organization. The Residence Hall Association strives toward "Building Community. Advocating Interests" for all on-campus residents. Under the advisement of the Department of Housing and Residence Life, RHA is the second largest student organization on campus, after the Student Government Association (SGA). Through its many events and programs, RHA stresses values such as leadership, diversity, and community. RHA is comprised of representatives from each of the residence halls and apartment complexes. If you live on campus at SLU, you are automatically a RHA member!

The Residence Hall Association serves as the voice of all resident students and expresses all residential life concerns to the University administration. RHA also coordinates educational, cultural, and social programs for the benefit of all residents. RHA offers opportunities for leadership development by working closely with the hall staff in recommending policies and programming that betters the community living experience of all residential students.

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Hall and Apartment Council
Each hall and apartment area have its own council to build community and advocate interests for the residents of the respective community. Each Hall and Apartment Council is comprised of an executive board and representatives from the various floors or buildings. Each council sends representatives to the Residence Hall Association General Assembly bi-monthly meetings. Council is represented to the Residence Hall Association by the council president and one RHA Liaison for every two hundred residents of the building or area. Additionally, a Student Government Association Senator is part of each council in order to relay information and advocate on behalf of the residential students for university issues beyond the residential experience.

National Residence Hall Honorary

National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH) is an organization comprised of the top 1% of student leaders living in the residence halls. NRHH is rooted in the four pillars of scholastics, leadership, recognition, and service. NRHH is also geared toward providing recognition for those outstanding individuals who work to improve life within the residence halls. The National Residence Hall Honorary is responsible for awarding the campus level awards of the national Of the Month (OTM) awards process. To submit an OTM for an outstanding Saint Louis University community member or program, just visit

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Learning Community Peer Mentor

Each Learning Community has two mentor positions that work with the LC resident advisors to assist students in the transition to the LC as well as focus on building upon and continuing the legacy of the learning community. The two positions are know as the LC mentors.

The LC Mentor position is a way for sophomores, juniors and senior students to return to the learning community in a leadership role and provide peer mentorship to incoming learning community students. The Learning Community Mentor (LC Mentor) works collaboratively with the learning community residence hall staff to provide students with an awareness of on-campus resources, connections with faculty and staff on campus, and opportunities to serve their local and global communities. In their role, LC Mentors work one on one with students to foster a sense of commitment to academics, service, and their individual learning community. As a live-in student leader, LC Mentors serve as a positive role model and peer educator for learning community students.

Learning Community Advisory Board

The LC Student Advisory Board is made up of student representatives from each of the 12 learning communities. This group takes on creating programming and ideas to bring the learning communities together as well as play a vital role in the continued development of the learning communities.

Each year the LC Student Advisory Board recruits students interested in representing their learning community. If you are interested in this opportunity make sure to contact your LC Resident Advisors, mentors or the Learning Community Coordinator to let them know!

Resident Advisors

Resident Advisors are helpful, highly-trained, well-respected Saint Louis University students who are chosen to assist you with any problems you may experience as a resident student. Your RA is also an information resource about campus life, a peer educator, and a staff member who ensures that the campus Code of Conduct is upheld. He or she is trained to handle emergencies and to maintain health and safety standards. In addition, the RA is responsible for coordinating a variety of educational strategies including, but not limited to: learner services, community meeting, and community experiences.

Desk Workers

The front desk is staffed 24-hour student coverage by a desk staff member or a Resident Advisor who are located in the lobby of each residence hall. All visitors are required to present identification to the desk staff and to be met by their host at the desk. Desk staff provides residents with information about the campus, check out equipment, check in guests and issue replacement keys. Students are expected to swipe their SLUID at the desk to gain entry to all residence halls. Federal Work Study status is required for this position.

Desk Managers

The Desk Managers are junior or senior student staff that work closely with the Residence Hall Coordinators to provide successful administration of the residence hall desk operations and maintain an accurate audit of resident room keys, including lockouts and core changes.

Furniture Crew

The furniture crew is a student staff team who performs minor furniture repairs, coordinates replacement, and assists with furniture moves on-campus.

Office Assistant

Office assistants fill a variety of administrative and clerical tasks for Housing and Residence Life. Office assistants work in both the housing and residence life central office as well as in the individual communities. Duties include typing, duplicating, filing, processing forms, completing inventories, and delivering materials on-campus. Federal Work Study status is required for this position.

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