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Residential Curriculum

Educational Priority

The educational priority clearly and briefly identifies the overarching result of our educational efforts. The priority identifies what will be achieved if all efforts are successful. The educational priority identified for the Residential Curriculum at Saint Louis University is informed by the Division of Student Development mission statement. The curriculum priority states:

At the culmination of the residential experience, students will be holistically formed, critically reflective, and socially and personally responsible.

Learning Outcomes

Through the Residential Curriculum we hope that residents will be able to demonstrate ownership in their own learning and meaning making. This ideal is important, as it will provide the residents a recognizable understanding of their own personal development and growth. Residents will be asked to reflect on their positioning within the various outcomes in order to assess their level of self-awareness, current lens and conscious cognitive growth. From interacting with the Residential Curriculum we want students to develop a philosophy of life-long learning. Our outcomes for residential students are as follows:

Community Responsibility

An engaged and active community member understands the impact one has on community development. From the relationships with peers, engagement with staff and respect for the physical space, residents have an obligation to intentionally shape and approach community development. Residents will be given the opportunity to co-construct a positive community rooted in personal responsibility.

Residents will:

  • Demonstrate civility toward their residential community.
  • Co-construct a positive residential community environment.
  • Demonstrate sustained relationships within the residential community.
  • Articulate their behavioral impact on community.

Understanding of Self and Others

To be an inclusive and transformative member of the residential community, members must reflect and understand dimensions of one's own identity. Members should be able to participate in healthy dialogue and conversations about social identities, values, and beliefs. Additionally, community members need to demonstrate a respect for others lens or experience, willingness to understand and ability to view multiple perspectives.

Residents will:

  • Demonstrate a complex awareness of the perspective of others.
  • Explore an understanding of self and multiple dimensions of identity.
  • Articulate personal values, beliefs and identities.
  • Analyze societal structures and privilege as it relates to social identity.

Academic and Intellectual Capacities

As a member of the residential community, the desire is for each person to continue to cultivate ones own academic and intellectual capabilities. Members should be able to participate in engaged intellectual conversations with peers to further advance ones knowledge and skill to transform society. Each member needs to demonstrate respect for and investment in an academic environment. Additionally, members are expected to connect learning inside and outside of the classroom to demonstrate holistic learning.

Residents will:

  • Describe connection between curricular and co-curricular.
  • Identify support systems for academic success.
  • Explain personal contributions to constructing an academically supportive environment.
  • Model engagement in academic and intellectual discussions with residential peers.


Sequencing is a key priority to any curriculum. The learning outcomes are not intended for every residential student to reach competency in one year; rather the outcomes build upon one another to assist students in development throughout their approximated four years of living in the residence halls. Thus Housing and Residence Life strives for students to reach an advanced understanding of each outcome by their multiple years living on-campus.

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